Behind the Scenes Tour

A Basic Room

This is an ICU room, Med surg, and progressive room all in one.  A bed, night stand, and outlet.  No TV, no shut doors, no light controls.  This is what our patient's have and we need to make the best of it.

Basic Structure of Rooms

As you can see, all our patient's are COVID 19 positive and will be in 1 location.  We have super strong HEPA filters, hot zones and cool zones for putting on and taking off PPE.  It is totally different getting ready for a shift.

Times Square: A Ghost Town

This is times Square During the middle of day.  Usually this place is bumper to bumper traffic and people are dodging each other on the side walks.  Now it is minimal people and few cars.

Central Park

Central Park usually has people biking, running, walking, and just a general buzz.  But its dead.  With the social distancing and stores all closed, the hustle and bustle of the city is missing.


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